For U10  /U12 Players (Male and Female)

At Sweat Academy we understand how important it is to get the fundamentals down at an early age.  The explosion of basketball across all of Canada has made this sport even more competitive in all provinces.  Having that foundation established at an early age, increases your ability to train at an elite level later in your basketball career.

Sweat Academy wants to help you get ready for your basketball life!  We did our first session in the Spring and was amazed at the level of interest and the dedication shown by this age group.

It was such a great experience, we are adding it to our permanent roster of training sessions.




Summer Training Team

Only You Can Make it Happen

Sweat Academy exists to make you the best player possible.  It is our goal to maximize your potential by giving you the tools and skill development you need to be your best.  Our summer training program is a unique opportunity for athletes where we work with your university coaches to develop a plan that works on the development areas that they want to see you improve in.  No other program offers that to its members.

So if you are ready to be pushed by professional and university level coaches/players, register today.

Work = Results




Fall Prep Training Team

The high school season is quickly approaching and that means it is time to get ready for a new season of ball.  Are you ready to show off your skills and basketball IQ for your  coaches? 


Sometimes it just takes a bit of training to make those small steps forward with your game that will separate you from the rest!  

Sweat Academy has been training basketball players of all levels for over 6 years.  We know what it takes to get better.  Come join the Sweat Academy family and see what many players have already discovered about the Sweat Academy difference!




Sweat Skills@Drills

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