Still not convinced that we are the right investment for you?  No problem, read what these players, parent and coaches have to say:

Coach Marc-André LeBlanc: Current Moncton Hawks U14 tier 1 girls and Sweat coach, former Université de Moncton Aigles Bleus and Mathieu-Martin men's head coach


"At its base, Sweat Academy is a unique platform allowing athletes to be challenged and to grow their game in order to take them to the next level.  With a clear emphasis on situational learning and game simulated drills focusing on the growth of the player’s understanding of the game, players are pushed beyond what constitutes a typical approach as the focus is not on a purely technical basis. 


The benefits to joining Sweat Academy not only limit themselves to a player’s vantage point.  The advantages are multifold for coaches as well.  Prior to joining Sweat Academy, I realized that I was in need of a renewal or updating of sorts in my approach to coaching my teams.  As most coaches know, exploring resources on my own yielded a variety of resources and results, and attending coaching clinics and traveling for these are not the easiest of avenues as well.  Upon joining Sweat Academy, not only did it allow me to push further my reflection on my approach as a coach with my own teams, but it continuously invites the understanding, the ‘why’ we make our players do what they do.  Apart from working with like-minded coaches who share a similar passion and foster a culture of learning and developing players to the utmost of the potential, who are unafraid to challenge themselves and share open lines of communication, Sweat Academy has invited me to become a student of learning the game again….something much needed at this point in my coaching career.  With varied expertise and multiple decades of coaching experience under one roof, how could a coach go wrong?  As a result, I’ve been privileged in working with some of our best local talent, both player wise and coach wise, from different age groups, have become aware of the game’s realities at these levels and ultimately, my teams have benefited from my time and  experience at Sweat Academy.  What more can I say, Sweat Academy is where players and coaches need to come and grow their game!"

Coach Matt Gamblin- University of Prince Edward Island Women's Head Coach


"Sweat Academy has done a great job of keeping my players sharp and expanding on their skill-sets throughout the summer program. Not only are they getting quality gym time with constant feedback, which is a key to cementing new learning, but they also are increasing their attention to detail and personal accountability. I will continue to encourage my players to attend Sweat Academy!"

Karina May- Dalhousie University 3rd Year

"I joined sweat academy two years ago, right before I entered my first year of university. Participating in the summer training program, meant that I entered my season already in top physical shape and ready to play at a high intensity level. Sweat academy provides a unique opportunity to train with other high level athletes who all have the common goal of being successful in their upcoming season. Thanks to my training at sweat academy my game has improved tremendously and I am grateful for the opportunity to return every year." 

Parent of a High School Sweatmate

"This fall session was my daughter's 2nd time at Sweat Academy and it won't be her last. She loves the challenge and intensity of building strength while competing with likeminded players - all committed to improving. The spring session gave her the confidence to compete with and against players from all over NB. She truly was able to hit the ground running. With a late spring season injury that slowed her down and required her re-build strength, the fall JV prep camp was even more critical to get her ready in top form for her first high school year. She has now reached the best physical strength and endurance level that she's ever had in her young sports career. Looking forward to Sweat helping her continue to grow as a player and teammate as she sets her sights on the future possibility of university ball."

Alex Humphrey- High School Sweatmate

"Whether you’re getting ready for the high school season or working towards a goal to play for Basketball New Brunswick, I highly recommend checking out Sweat Academy. Sweat challenges me both physically and mentally and their top level coaches bring great energy every time they are on the court with us.  They push me outside my comfort zone in order for me to improve and to play at my full potential. Even after my training sessions were done, I felt the Sweat family was still there for me – always pushing me to the next level and encouraging me through conversations.  I am very grateful for the Sweat Academy team."

Jesse Balser- Former Sweatmate and now Sweat Coach

"Sweat Academy was without a doubt a catalyst in my development as a basketball player last summer.  I came out of summer and into pre season in better shape than the majority of my teammates.  The combination of efficiency by the coaching staff and self-motivated players made for an intense and competitive environment.  The coaches make sure the sessions had the proper direction and methodology to accomomodate each player specifically because of the constant contact with current or future coaches.  There was always a good coach to player ratio, which made it possible for 1 on 1 attention when needed.  I like that each session included tons of game pace shots as well as a very physically demanding plyometric workout.  I also liked that the sessions often challenged me just as much mentally as physically.  Because shooting percentages were tracked and fitness and shooting testing were done throughout the summer, it was easy to see my progress.  Overall, I had a good first experience and would recommend Sweat Academy to any serious basketball players planning to or currently playing a at post secondary institution."

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